Vote Nov. 4th Amendments 3,4 & 6-Important Property Tax Information

I recently called the Hillsborough County Property Appraisers Office to schedule a meeting with Rob Turner, our property appraiser.  As I was speaking to the lady on the phone she had mentioned that Amendments 3,4 and 6 would potentially have an effect on our property taxes.  Since I had not received my sample ballot in the mail yet, I decided to go on the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections website and read through the information.

Here’s what you need to know about potential property tax changes before you go to the polls November 4th, 2008!

Three of the six proposed constitutional amendments on Florida’s general election ballot deal, in some fashion, with property taxes.

They were proposed by the Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission. The commission, a board appointed under a constitutional mandate, had the authority to recommend comprehensive changes to the state’s tax policies.


Changes and Improvements Not Affecting the Assessed Value of Residential Real Property

Authorizes the Legislature, by general law, to prohibit consideration of changes or improvements to residential real property which increase resistance to wind damage and installation of renewable energy source devices as factors in assessing the property’s value for ad valorem taxation purposes. Effective upon adoption, repeals the existing renewable energy source device exemption no longer in effect.


Property Tax Exemption of Perpetually Conserved Land; Classification and Assessment of Land Used for Conservation

Requires Legislature to provide a property tax exemption for real property encumbered by perpetual conservation easements or other perpetual conservation protections, defined by general law. Requires Legislature to provide for classification and assessment of land used for conservation purposes, and not perpetually encumbered, solely on the basis of character or use. Subjects assessment benefit to conditions, limitations, and reasonable definitions established by general law. Applies to property taxes beginning in 2010. 


Shall Hillsborough County continue ELAPP to acquire and preserve environmentally sensitive lands which protect wildlife habitat, natural areas, drinking water sources, and water quality of rivers, lakes and bays, by issuing general obligation bonds, in one or more series, at interest rates not exceeding the legal maximum, maturing in not more than 30 years from issuance, not exceeding $200 Million aggregate principal amount, payable from ad valorem taxes, without limitation, to finance related capital projects?  

This is your opportunity to vote and make a difference!

If you found this information helpful, please pass it on to fellow homeowners.

Here’s the link

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2 Responses

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  2. my concern is over the 4th’s amendment provision for land NOT perpetually set for a no tac exemption, but ho the county commissioners will weasel their way OUt of following the laws intent. the mandates of solely based on use, conditions, limitations,and reasonable definitions as established by general law. What a mine field for the commies to explre. Equal protection under the law will be ignored and falsiied definitions of “Use” wre there for lots of case law research. only the wealthy would be able to file a complaint and then not know how to anser a denial memorandum, or use the Law library for decisions that would be on point; actually 2 complaints, 1. Disregarding the voters position and 2. Collusion and deceitful tactics that would severly limit the voters intent and Constitution of Florida to the point that the Constitution of Florida will be, with willfil and wanton attempts to disregard the people of Florida’s wishes,so as to wipe the amendmwnt from the Constitution. It will be done by officials that are tasked with properly adminisstering their sworn duty to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domesic. Too much bickering goes on in the State capital to even charcterize it as “an organized mob”. Wait and see whn the voters call or visit their local tax offices and say where is my form for me to designate my land to be appraised on current use as i have no reason to change the use at this time. What do you think you they are going to get ? What the voters put into Law OR what th counties befuddle you with?

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